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We've been busy over the recent years to make our Church Building as welcoming and fit for purpose as it possibly can be.  It has been a place of worship and a centre for the community for many centuries and we want that to continue for many more.

Following the installation of a brand new boiler and complete replacement of our lighting system (Feb thru' June 2017), we have also undertaken a major conservation project to remove the cement render from the building - both inside and out! This was primarily to stop the walls degrading any further, a nice consequence of which has made the building look far more attractive. As part of this, some major conservation work was also carried out on the Doom Painting over the chancel arch. This dates from about 1230 or just before and due to the damp and salts coming through the rendered walls, was in a very sorry state; "It was by far the most, salty, powdery, flaky medieval wall painting we have ever dealt with..." - Tom Organ, Arte Conservation.

There is still work to do to improve some aspects - such as adding another emergency exit point. In the meantime, we know many have walked past the church and commented on how much better the building looks, and sometime soon we hope that folk will be able to come into the building to have a look and to join us for a service of worship!

See BLOG showing stages of progress

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‘Restoration and Revelation’ -

The title of the talk we heard on June 25th

The talk from our inspecting architect, John Bailey,

about the work that has been done at All Saints

was illuminating and very interesting.

Here is the recording;

We are very grateful to those who have awarded us various grants to help with this project; Heritage Lottery Fund (£100,000), AllChurchesTrust (£5250), the Garfield Weston Foundation (£15000), Sussex Churches Trust, Ian Askew Charitable Trust and the Wolfson Foundation and one or two others - a big thank you to all and also to church members and Friends of All Saints and members of the public for your donations as well!

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